A bit of a list of stuff here taking us into those summer months.  Do please pop along to anything in your vicinity.  The first few items relate to new and recent work, and the rest of the list is 'and in other news..'  You can also hear us interviewed on Resonance FM here:  Anyway remember, Summer is a state of mind!  OK.. Deep breath. Here's the new work bit:

+ LONDON WALL.  Museum of London
As part of the relaunch of the Museum of London, we are making a new work for the entrance hall.  The new displays open from 28th May 2010, and we will be building the commission over the space of a week ending June 6th, so come along and see there.  Works by The Singh Twins and Keith Coventry will also be on display.  Some more info here:

28 May -  5 September 2010

+ THE END. Solo Exhibition, Highland institute of Contemporary Art
This exhibition will include two brand new works, 'The End' and 'The Time Machine in alphabetical order', so if you're holidaying in the highlands this summer and are near Loch Ness, then do pop along because it will be on well into July and H-I-C-A is a great project in only its second year...

20 June - 25 July 2010
Opening: 20 June, 2 - 5 pm

+ A SHORT FILM ABOUT WAR.  Edith Russ Site, Oldenberg
Our recent installation is moving with the rest of the MyWar touring exhibition to Edith Russ Site in Oldenberg in June.  Other participating artists in MyWar are Phil Collins, JosephDeLappe, Dunne & Raby, Harun Farocki, Harroll Fletcher, Knowbotic Research, Oliver Laric, Renzo Martens, SWAMB, Thomson & Craighead, Milica Tomic, Sarah Vanagt).

You can also read a recent article on, A short film about War in the french newspaper Liberation :

10 June – 29 August 2010
Opening: 9 June, 8 pm

+ GHOSTS.  IMT Gallery, London
We are showing this reworking of our 1998 installation, 'Speaking in Tongues' as part of Dead Fingers Talk: Experiments of William S. Burroughs.  Other artists; Alma/Joe Ambrose, Steve Aylett, Alex Baker & Kit Poulson, Lawrence English, The Human Separation, Riccardo Iacono,Anthony Joseph, Cathy Lane, Eduardo Navas, Negativland, o.blaat, Aki Onda, Jörg Piringer, Plastique Fantastique, Simon Reuben White, Giorgio Sadotti, Scanner, Terre Thaemlitz, Laureana Toledoand Ultra-red, with performances by Ascsoms and Solina Hi-Fi.

28 May - 18 July 2010
Opening 27th May 6 - 9pm

And now, in OTHER NEWS:
+ GOOGLE TEA TOWELS. Data Poetics, Google headquarters in Chelsea, New York
Our Google Tea towels will be part of this exhibition launching a new art thread at the Google Offices in New York (that made us smile!).  Other artists in this exhibition are  John F. Simon, Jr., Marek Walczak, Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas, Aaron Koblin, Brad Paley, Lincoln Schatz, Scott Draves, Luke Dubois.

11 June - 1st September 2010

+ GOOGLE TEA TOWELS. How we became metadata, 309 Regent St, London.
Our Google Tea towels will also be part of this exhibition launching a new art thread coming out of the Institute for Modern Contemporary Culture at University of Westminster.  Other artists; Martin John Callanan, Corby & Baily, Enju Han, Eduardo Kac, Susan pui san lok, Ruth Mclennon & Uriel Orlow.

09 June - 5th September 2010
Opening 8 June 6.30 - 8.30pm

+ SEVERAL INTERRUPTIONS, Urban Video Project, Syracuse, New York.
OK, in our last bulletin we said this was on right now!! But it's **not** and has been delayed to June, where a reformatted version of Several Interruptions will be thrown onto the side of a building in downtown Syracuse, New York.

1 June - 20 June 2010

+ FLAT EARTH.  Subjective Projections, Bielefelder Kunstverein
This is part of the series of solo presentations curated by Thomas Thiel, director of the Bielefelder Kunstverein.  It has an accompanying text commission and written by Sabine Himmelsbach both of which can be seen simultaneously in the gallery and online at:

7 May – 03 June 2010

+ FLAT EARTH.  Stills Gallery, Edinburgh
will also be screening as part of the inaugural Film Lounge program, 'City & Stars' at Stills Gallery in Edinburgh alongside works by Jeanne Liotta, Daren Banks and Karen Russo.

18 Jun 2010 - 18 Jul 2010
Launch event 18th June

+ BEACON. We do things differently here. Talbot Rice Gallery, Edinburgh
We are showing the projected version of BEACON for this group exhibition organised by graduating students on the MA Contemporary Art Theory course, Edinburgh College of Art.

5 June - 19 June
Opening: 4th June 6 - 8pm

+ THE FRIEND.  Transmission Annual publication.
We have contributed an artwork for this publication as part of a chain of 'friends' starting with an article by Dr Charlie Gere, followed by us and then on to writer, Kris Cohen, artist Laura Heit, and artist/writer Nina Wakeford. Transmission annual will be launched in July 2010:


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