The Line

So our artwork Here was erected on the Thames towpath by the meridian over the weekend and is now part of London's new sculpture trail called The Line.  Other artists along the way are:

Richard Wilson, Gary Hume, Antony Gormley, Sterling Ruby, Martin Creed, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, James Balmforth, Damien Hirst, Abigail Fallis, Piotr Uklanski, Thomas J Price, Bill Viola 

It's a fun walk on a sunny day starting at North Greenwich and taking you up into the Lea valley so go take a look when you can!

More information at

Worlds in Contradiction

Our documentary artwork a short film about War is part of this group exhibition opening tonight at Galerie Taxispalais in Innsbruck, Austria.  Here's some more information on the exhibition:


23. May – 2. August 2015

with Michael Blum, Christian von Borries, Bureau d’études, Cristina Garrido, Andreas Gursky, Kasmalieva & Djumaliev, Rosmarie Lukasser, Eva and Franco Mattes, Nyaba Léon Ouedraogo, Oliver Ressler, Allan Sekula and Noël Burch, Gabriele Sturm, Thomson & Craighead, Gruppo Tökmag, Wang Qingsong, Yin Xiuzhen

Global interconnectedness due to the growing movements of travel and migration, and to increasingly complex flows of goods and data, raw materials and capital has made often ambivalent changes to the reality of life in various regions of the world. The developing processes of globalisation are leading to ever new questions, experiences, images and formal languages of globality, which are manifest in the personal and social reality of life. The international group exhibition Worlds in Contradiction – Zones of Globalisation presents works by 16 artists from Europe, Asia, America and Africa who investigate global and local contexts within diverse thematic fields. In research-based and documentary, but also narrative, poetic and thought-provoking works they reflect on aspects of mobility, the ambivalent links between production, transport and consumerism, the essence of global information and knowledge networks, or the effects of the global economy on work and our environment.