More Songs of Innocence and of Experience

We've just made More Songs of Innocence and of Experience as part of Our Mutual Friends commissioned by Film & Video Umbrella, London.  This online exhibition launches at Jerwood Space in London on 30th August and also includes work by Graham Hudson, Gayle Chong Kwan and Janice Kerbal.

More Songs of Innocence and of Experience are a series of karaoke videos that take a fresh look at unsolicited spam emails and their affinities with the romanticism and realism in Charles Dicken's novel, 'Our Mutual Friend'.  In both Dicken's novel and our online culture the language of romanticism and realism becomes intertwined with languages of exploitation whether it be the scam email, the hard luck story that attempts to extort or more generally the realms of advertising, evangelical religion, politics etc.

You can see the first three videos in this series here:

The exhibition website for Our Mutual Friends launches on 30th August, 2012.  Our Mutual Friends is commissioned by Film and Video Umbrella and presented in partnership with Jerwood Charitable Foundation, Turner Contemporary, Margate and Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth.

October / Brighton Photo-biennial

We're just finishing up a new artwork we've been asked to make for this year's Brighton Photo-biennial.  The installation is called, 'October' -a documentary artwork about the burgeoning Occupy movement.  We'll post more information about the piece closer to the time of exhibition but for now you can find out more here: