Thanks to everyone who has supported us and our work this year and since the early nineteen nineties. We are privileged to have got this far having worked together now for twenty years! We wish everyone out there in the noosphere a super 2015!



Our new artwork Stutterer was started on Wednesday 1st October and is part of Scales of Life exhibition in Dundee's new Life Space gallery, which opens tonight at 6pm.

Stutterer is an instructional artwork –a poetry machine that uses the human genome like a music score to play back a self-assembling video montage spanning the thirteen years it took the Human Genome Project to complete the first documented human DNA sequence.  The four nucleotide bases of a DNA strand are represented by the letters T, A, G and C and Stutterer ‘plays’ all 3.2 billion letters representing the human genome, where each letter becomes a word plucked by the artists from an English language television broadcast made sometime between 1990 and 2003.

Stutterer was started with around 500 video clips in its library, but this will be extended in the coming years, so that each time the work is exhibited there will be more and more video elements to draw upon offering an ever richer glimpse into a period in history that begins in 1990 with the release of Nelson Mandela from prison in South Africa and concludes with the fall of Baghdad to a US and British military coalition in 2003.

Stutterer is a human monument of sorts, which seeks to connect our biological fabric with our unique linguistic abilities –the very abilities, which have arguably enabled us to apprehend our own DNA in the first place.

Stutterer is made possible with generous support from The Wellcome Trust


Nam June Paik Award 2014

This year's Nam June Paik award exhibition is opening on Sunday 28th September at Kunstmuseen Krefeld in Germany, and we'll be showing a number of recent works alongside works by the other shortlisted artists: Camille Henrot; Cory Arcangel; Ulf Aminde and Céline Berger.

The exhibition runs until February 15th 2015 and you can find out more information here and at http://www.namjunepaikaward.de

Do come and take a look if you can and please share this with anyone you think might be interested and in the area during the exhibition run.

Here | The Line 2014

Our roadsign, Here is going to be part of The Line sculpture trail due to open later in 2014.  The sign will be just where The Meridian crosses the Thames Path and will be pointing North.  The whole project and line up of artists has been announced on 11th July 2014 and you can find out all about the sculpture trail and our part in it through the following links:

About The Line: http://the-line.org/
About Here: http://thomson-craighead.net/docs/roadsign.html

Also: http://www.standard.co.uk/goingout/attractions/new-sculpture-trail-the-line-to-appear-along-east-londons-waterways-9599797.html

Micromégas Powers of 10, Orkney

Our woodblock print and poster Voyager (Micromégas) is part of an exhibition of limited edition prints opening tonight at the fabulous Pier Arts Centre in Stromness on Orkney.

MICROMEGAS > POWERS OF 10 - 58°57’53”N - 3°17’45”W brings together works by Pavel Büchler, Dora Garcia, Jonathan Monk, Scott Myles, Thomson & Craighead, Marco Stout, Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, a text by Mark Dorrian along with books and print-works published by Orkney based Hansel Cooperative Press and Brae Editions.

Mircromegas explores ideas relating to perceptions of scale, philosophical & scientific thought and human foible. Referencing Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design's unique Artists’ Books Collection Dundee (abcD), the exhibition investigates notions of portability, reproduction, distribution and presentation and the potential for artist’s book in contemporary art and curatorial practice.


So if you're on Orkney for the summer solstice why not pop in!!!

net.art Painters and Poets

Our artwork Beacon is part of this exhibition opening TONIGHT at the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana.  The exhibition runs until 31st August and is curated by Vuk Ćosić & Alenka Gregorič.  Lots of people who were making artworks online in the nineties are included. More information here:



We are showing the projected version of our work BEACON in this group exhibition just opened in Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art.  The Art of Data is curated by Steven Sacks and includes work by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Manfred Mohr, John F. Simon and Addie Wagenknecht among others.  The show runs through to 6th July.  More info here:


Review of Flat Earth | Marc Garrett

Marc Garrett at Furtherfield has written a review of our monograph Flat Earth recently published by Dundee Contemporary Arts and MEWO Kunsthalle, Memmingen to accompany recent solo exhibitions at both venues.

The book is in both German and English and includes essays by Clive Gillman and Sarah Cook and an interview between ourselves and Steve Rushton.  You can read the review here:


You can order copies of the publication here:



Our new work Hello World will be switched on this week in advance of Shrewsbury Museum and Art Gallery's grand re-opening.  We have been asked to make this unorthodox timepiece as part of a massive refurbishment of the the museum, which includes a number of other commissions and a new gallery dedicated to Frank Cohen's contemporary art collection.  Our work will be in the courtyard space (where the cafe is) for the next five years and it will perpetually display the current world population as decorative totem.

More info about Hello World can be found here:


We're showing A short film about War tonight at Tate Britain as part of the ongoing Assembly survey of recent British artists film and video.  Tonight's screening is Assembly: Questions of Progress II and also includes work by Karen Mirza and Brad Butler, Hilary Koob-Sassen, Graham Ellard and Stephen Johnstone and Emily Richardson.  More here:


and more about A short film about War here:


and here, which includes and essay by Tom Snow and an interview around the work:



We have some new documentation online describing our lenticular lightboxes recently commissioned by Dundee Contemporary Arts as part of our exhibition Maps DNA and Spam (on until 16th March 2014). The work is called Corruption -more information here:



We'll be discussing our work as part of this event at Whitechapel Gallery this Saturday 22nd February.  Here's a bit of blurb:

In the context of the current Hannah Höch exhibition, this symposium gathers together artists, writers and critics to consider the impact of Dada and its continuing legacy. Born out of a rage at the consumerist conformity of the early 20th century, is Dada’s unruly, contrarian spirit as powerful (and as relevant) one hundred years on? Do the sharp wit and the pointed polemics of Dada’s cut-and-paste aesthetic still resonate, or has over-familiarity (and co-option by the mainstream) blunted its critical edge? Does digital technology offer new avenues for and new definitions of creative collage, presenting new opportunities to disrupt and destabilise, or will the rise of Big Data crowd out the maverick impulse toward provocation and spontaneity?

More info and ticket booking here:


Our latest exhibition opens to the public at Dundee Contemporary Arts this Saturday 18th January 2014.  It includes three new works, Corruption, The First Person and Six Years of Mondays as well as a Dundee Wall fly poster installation.

Other works include A short film about War, Belief and The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order.

The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order is also available to see in its entirety for ONE WEEK ONLY via a new online platform at Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, London: http://carrollfletcheronscreen.com/

Our new monograph is also available for purchase >>here<<

Come see the exhibition or go buy our new book or watch The Time Machine in Alphabetical Order online at http://carrollfletcheronscreen.com/