Both of us are really excited that our solo exhibition opens at the Highland Institute of Contemporary Art this Sunday 20th June at 2pm where we'll be presenting a selection of new and recent works about time and place.  It's not so often that we get a chance to connect a group of works together in this (hopefully multi-layered and site-specific) way and in such an inspiring location set in the middle of a nature reserve in the highlands of Scotland.

Later in the year, HICA will be publishing a book about this and the other three exhibitions at the gallery from 2010 and art historian and theorist Alistair Rider has been commissioned to write about our exhibition.  We will also post documentation on this blog and our website, but if you are in the area between 20th June and 25th July, then do make the time to visit the gallery and enjoy this beautiful area above Dores at the northern tip of Loch Ness.

More about HICA and all their exhibitions here:
The works we will be showing in this exhibition are:

The End. 2010
Vinyl lettering on glass

Flipped Clock. 2009
Live digital animation

Horizon. 2009
Digital archival print

Nearby: within five miles. 2010
Four A3 fly-posters

The Time Machine in alphabetical order. 2010
Re-edited DVD (1hr 38m 26s)


Two exhibitions including our work opened last night in London and Oldenberg.  First off was the second leg of the MyWar exhibition now moved from FACT in Liverpool to Oldenberg in Germany at the Edith Russ Media Space.  We are showing, 'A short film about war' as part of this group show as a two screen cinematic gallery installation.

Second up is the exhibition, 'How we became Metadata' curated by Marq Smith, which launched a new foyer space for art at the newly restored and revamped Regent Street building for the University of Westminster in London.  This show includes a complete set of our Google tea-towels framed up and hanging in the cafe gallery space at the side of the main foyer.

More about 'A short film about war':

More about our Google tea-towels:

More on MyWar exhibition at Edith Russ Site:

More on 'How we became Metadata':

Lecture / Museum of London

We're talking about our new commission at Museum of London in context with other work and will be screening (we hope)  our very recent work, 'A short film about war' this Saturday in the Museum's lecture theatre.  The event is free.  Here's the blurb and contact the museum itself if you need more info.  Do come along if you can.

Dates: 5 June 2010
Times: 05 Jun 2010 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Venue: Museum of London

Curator Francis Marshall is in conversation with contemporary art duo Thomson & Craighead about their new work 'London Wall' on display from late May in the Museum foyer.