Art, Photography, & Technology | The Photographers' Gallery, London

We're part of a panel discussion at The Photographers Gallery on Friday 4th December starting at 7pm. The title of the panel is Networked Images: Art, Photography & Technology and as part of it we'll be talking a bit about our recent work.  Please do come along if you're in London.  Oh and the event is Free but you do need to book on eventbrite.  More info on the event and another rsvp link if you follow this link:


We're showing a London Wall & our webcam clock Horizon as part of Big Bang Data exhibition opening at Somerset House in London on 3rd December.

Other artists include: Brendan Dawes, Ellie Harrison, Eric Fischer, Erica Scourti, Eva and Franco Mattes,  Ingo Günther, Jaime Serra, James Bridle, Jonathan Harris, Julian Oliver, Julie Freeman, Laura Poitras, Lisa Jevbratt, Ryoji Ikeda, The Long Now Foundation, Timo Arnall and more....

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Stutterer & Corruption | The Lowry

We are showing Stutterer and some of our Corruption series as part of a group exhibition opening at The Lowry this week called Right here right now. The exhibition runs from Sat 14 November - Sun 28 February and there is an online catalogue too.

Atists include; Daniel Rozin, Robert Henke, Branger Briz, Julie Freeman, Mishka Henner, Stephanie Rothenberg, Felicity Hammond, Ed Carter, Joe Hamilton’s, Nikki Pugh, Eva and Franco Mattes, Elly Clarke and Timo Arnall.

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Temporary Index at HUMlab Umeå

This week we've been working at the fabulous HUMlab in Umeå, Sweden developing a new art work called A temporary index

A temporary index
is a system of decorative counters that mark significant sites of nuclear waste on our planet.  These are all sites that require provisions that must last from a few decades to hundreds of thousands of years and our system will attempt to count these time periods for each identified site creating a map of human influence concerning deep time.

A prototype was exhibited in Sapporo, Japan last year at Oyoyo project space, but we have been constructing a database here at HUMlab that will allow us to map a host of repositories, accident sites and entombed research reactors from all over the world.  A version of this work will be part of a touring exhibition next year curated by Ele Carpenter initially for the Bildmuseet also in Umeå. 

More about: HUMlab; | Bildmuseet; | Nuclear culture project; | Oyoyo Art Centre;

Asymetrical warfare at Witte de Whit

We are showing our documentary artwork A short film about war in the group exhibition Art In The Age Of…Asymmetrical Warfare, which opens in Rotterdam TODAY at Witte de Whit Gallery (11 September 2015 – 3 January 2016, Opening and Artist Talks: 10 September 2015, 4 pm). So please do go if you're around and about.

With: Abbas Akhavan, Sven Augustijnen, James Bridle, Broomberg & Chanarin, Crass, Claire Evans, John Gerrard, Terence Gower, Isao Hashimoto, Glenn Kaino, Navine G. Khan-Dossos, Trevor Paglen with Jacob Appelbaum, Mohammad Salemy, Susan Schuppli & Tom Tlalim, Nida Sinnokrot, Thomson & Craighead, and José Antonio Vega Macotela.

A short film about war is the second part of our Flat Earth Trilogy

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I'm TEN at IMT London

IMT Gallery in London asked us to contribute a small work for their benefit exhibition I'm Ten running from 4th September – 2 October 2015, so we've sent them a concept drawing (actually it's a collage) for an as yet unmade work called Unmade Bed, which will join the host of other work to be auctioned on Paddle8 during the show to help IMT continue their good work for the next ten years! So go take a look.  More info on the exhibition here:

The Line

So our artwork Here was erected on the Thames towpath by the meridian over the weekend and is now part of London's new sculpture trail called The Line.  Other artists along the way are:

Richard Wilson, Gary Hume, Antony Gormley, Sterling Ruby, Martin Creed, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, James Balmforth, Damien Hirst, Abigail Fallis, Piotr Uklanski, Thomas J Price, Bill Viola 

It's a fun walk on a sunny day starting at North Greenwich and taking you up into the Lea valley so go take a look when you can!

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Worlds in Contradiction

Our documentary artwork a short film about War is part of this group exhibition opening tonight at Galerie Taxispalais in Innsbruck, Austria.  Here's some more information on the exhibition:


23. May – 2. August 2015

with Michael Blum, Christian von Borries, Bureau d’études, Cristina Garrido, Andreas Gursky, Kasmalieva & Djumaliev, Rosmarie Lukasser, Eva and Franco Mattes, Nyaba Léon Ouedraogo, Oliver Ressler, Allan Sekula and Noël Burch, Gabriele Sturm, Thomson & Craighead, Gruppo Tökmag, Wang Qingsong, Yin Xiuzhen

Global interconnectedness due to the growing movements of travel and migration, and to increasingly complex flows of goods and data, raw materials and capital has made often ambivalent changes to the reality of life in various regions of the world. The developing processes of globalisation are leading to ever new questions, experiences, images and formal languages of globality, which are manifest in the personal and social reality of life. The international group exhibition Worlds in Contradiction – Zones of Globalisation presents works by 16 artists from Europe, Asia, America and Africa who investigate global and local contexts within diverse thematic fields. In research-based and documentary, but also narrative, poetic and thought-provoking works they reflect on aspects of mobility, the ambivalent links between production, transport and consumerism, the essence of global information and knowledge networks, or the effects of the global economy on work and our environment.

Exposition L'appartement, Paris

We're showing selected videos from our series More Songs of Innocence and of Experience as part of this exhibition opening in Paris tonight. The show continues until 10th May 2015 and is curated by Antoine Scalese and Matylda Taszycka.  Do go take a look if you're nearby.

Find out more about the exhibition here:

Find out more about More Songs of Innocence and of Experience here:


Our Flipped Clock is showing as part of the 24/7 exhibition -part of this year's International Film Festival Rotterdam.  You will find it for the duration of the festival in the lobby of the Hilton Hotel at Weena 10, 3012 CM Rotterdam, Netherlands.

More information on 24/7 and links through to the rest of the festival:


Our video artwork The Time Machine in alphabetical order is part of the group exhibition How to Construct a Time Machine at Milton Keynes Gallery from 23rd January until 2nd March 2015.

Participating artists include: John Cage, Martin John Callanan, Jim Campbell, Edgar Cleijne and Ellen Gallagher, Mat Collishaw, Ruth Ewan, Tehching Hsieh, On Kawara, the Lumière Brothers, Chris Marker, Kris Martin, Georges Méliès, Manfred Mohr, Melvin Moti, Nam June Paik, Katie Paterson, Elizabeth Price, Sun Ra, Raqs Media Collective, Meekyoung Shin,  Maja Smrekar, The Otolith Group, Thomson & Craighead, Mark Wallinger and Catherine Yass. More info:

The private view is on 22nd January and includes Mark Wallinger and Ruth Ewan in conversation with exhibition curator Dr Marquard Smith. More info here: