We have some new documentation online describing our lenticular lightboxes recently commissioned by Dundee Contemporary Arts as part of our exhibition Maps DNA and Spam (on until 16th March 2014). The work is called Corruption -more information here:


We'll be discussing our work as part of this event at Whitechapel Gallery this Saturday 22nd February.  Here's a bit of blurb:

In the context of the current Hannah Höch exhibition, this symposium gathers together artists, writers and critics to consider the impact of Dada and its continuing legacy. Born out of a rage at the consumerist conformity of the early 20th century, is Dada’s unruly, contrarian spirit as powerful (and as relevant) one hundred years on? Do the sharp wit and the pointed polemics of Dada’s cut-and-paste aesthetic still resonate, or has over-familiarity (and co-option by the mainstream) blunted its critical edge? Does digital technology offer new avenues for and new definitions of creative collage, presenting new opportunities to disrupt and destabilise, or will the rise of Big Data crowd out the maverick impulse toward provocation and spontaneity?

More info and ticket booking here: