Two lenticular lightboxes from our Corruption series will be part of Taking the Leap exhibition opening tomorrow night at the Shanghai Exhibition Centre. Go take a look if you are in China!

More info:

Learning from Deep Time


Our Temporary Index will be on show as part of the Learning from Deep Time exhibition days at NIRAS in Mol, Belgium on Sunday 29th September 2019.  Learning from Deep Time is organised by Z33 in Hasselt, Belgium and is part of an open day at the proposed surface nuclear waste repository in Mol in Belgium. 

Other artists included in the exhibition are Maarten Vanden Eynde (BE), Andy Weir (UK), Alexis Destoop (BE), Jesse Howard (US) & Tim Knapen (BE) More info here:



Our 'Here' plate is included in the Coventry Biennial this year which runs from 4th - 24th November 2019.  As long as the plate is rotated to point North or South when placed on a table, it will accurately state how far the plate is from itself.  More information on the exhibition and other participating artists can be found here (no pun intended):


Summer update


If you're planning on spending some of your summer in London then we have a few works on public view; in Bloomsbury, Finsbury Park and Greenwich. Details below>

Here Not Here is our new public artwork in University College London Student Centre on Gordon Street -just next to Bloomsbury Theatre.  The Student Centre is open 24/7. Simply walk in up the central stairs and you will see Here Not Here on the right hand side.  There is also a wall based sculpture by Rachel Whiteread near the information desk so take a look at that too.  More information on Here Not Here can be found on our website:


Our modified feature length movie, The Time Machine in alphabetical order is part of Time Portals exhibition at Furtherfield Gallery slap bang in the middle of Finsbury Park and is showing until the end of October. More information on the exhibition can be found here: http://www.furtherfield.org/time-portals-exhibition-2019/ and more information on The Time machine in alphabetical order can be found on our website:


Finally, our sculpture Here remains part of The Line sculpture trail for another year and can be found on the south bank of the Thames at the Greenwich meridian.  More information about The Line can be found here: http://the-line.org and more information about Here can be found on our website here:


So if it's a sunny day then grab a picnic, your keep cup or a gin in a tin and go take a look at any or all of what we have on show in London just now.