Micromégas Powers of 10, Orkney

Our woodblock print and poster Voyager (Micromégas) is part of an exhibition of limited edition prints opening tonight at the fabulous Pier Arts Centre in Stromness on Orkney.

MICROMEGAS > POWERS OF 10 - 58°57’53”N - 3°17’45”W brings together works by Pavel Büchler, Dora Garcia, Jonathan Monk, Scott Myles, Thomson & Craighead, Marco Stout, Tracy Mackenna & Edwin Janssen, a text by Mark Dorrian along with books and print-works published by Orkney based Hansel Cooperative Press and Brae Editions.

Mircromegas explores ideas relating to perceptions of scale, philosophical & scientific thought and human foible. Referencing Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design's unique Artists’ Books Collection Dundee (abcD), the exhibition investigates notions of portability, reproduction, distribution and presentation and the potential for artist’s book in contemporary art and curatorial practice.


So if you're on Orkney for the summer solstice why not pop in!!!

net.art Painters and Poets

Our artwork Beacon is part of this exhibition opening TONIGHT at the City Art Gallery of Ljubljana.  The exhibition runs until 31st August and is curated by Vuk Ćosić & Alenka Gregorič.  Lots of people who were making artworks online in the nineties are included. More information here: