A short film about War / Animate Projects

Writer and curator Lisa Le Feuvre has written an essay about A short film about War.  This was commissioned by Animate Projects and you can see a streaming version of this narrative documentary artwork alongside Lisa's essay here:


Thanks Animate.  Thanks Lisa, and thanks to alt-w and New Media Scotland who helped us develop the 'movie' component of this two screen work, which you can see installed for the first time as a gallery installation in March at FACT, Liverpool as part of MyWar exhibition -a separate post about that will come later.  Final thanks to Steve Rushton who we developed the script with.

Trust in an Age of Loneliness

Ok here is a more proper blurb on the re-hang at British Council London where our 16:9 version of Decorative Newsfeeds has been installed.

The exhibition is called 'Trust in an Age of Loneliness' and shows works from the British Council Collection selected by Gerard Lemos CMG, Acting Chair.  

It includes works by Paula Rego, Lawrence Gowring, LS Lowry, Ian Hamilton Finlay (work pictured above), Victor Pasmore, Stanley Spencer, Bill Brandt and Augustus John.

More info on Decorative Newsfeeds here