One of our earliest works from way back in 1995 is being emulated online for the first time, thanks to bwFLA at University of Freiburg, where they have been developing a system for hosting virtual machines that can be shared online.

The work is called Thalamus -a simple user led environment that uses a metronome scale as a tuning device allowing anyone using it to unfold a past life regression experienced by a man under hypnosis. If you want to go and use the work and find out more about it then you can access it here:

Please be patient because the emulation takes at least a minute to start up. The (rather brilliant and flexible) emulation platform is also in beta, so expect it to evolve and improve over time and sometimes to be offline for development and maintenance.  The system doesn't work with Safari but is compatible with Mozilla browsers and Chrome.

Thalamus was originally commissioned to be part of a CDROM project called The Toybox and was shown at Tate Liverpool as part of Video Positive '95.

To find out more about the emulation project visit:


We have a new book! With lots of pictures and essays by Clive Gillman and Sarah Cook and an in conversation between ourselves and Steve Rushton, who collaborated with us on our Flat Earth Trilogy.  The book's called Flat Earth and you can buy it for £20 here:

The essays are in German and English because it covers two exhibitions -our show currently still on at MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen called, Not Even The Sky and our forthcoming exhibition opening on January 17th 2014 at Dundee Contemporary Arts called, Maps DNA and Spam.  Click on the exhibition titles for more info on each.

WATCHING YOU | 1011, New York

We are showing our railway sign BEACON as part of the group exhibition Watching You curated by Julie Solovyeva and Katya Valevich, which opened in New York last night including work by Kohei Yoshiyuki, Cynthia Daignault, Vanessa Hodgkinson, Ai Weiwei, Cindy Sherman, Enxuto and Love and Ernesto Caivano.  You can see the full details here including how to get to the space, which is open 24/7 by appointment only.  The show is on until December 22nd so get there quick!


Our documentary artwork October is being exhibited at ZKM in Karlsruhe as part of their exhibition global aCtIVISm opening on 14.12.2013 - 30.03.2014.  It's a big exhibition and you can find out more about the many things going on as a part of this here:$8502

Do go take a look if you can and you can find out more about October on our website.  October is a portrait of the Occupy movement when it exploded into a massive global movement during the autumn of 2011.