MyWar exhibition opens next week!

We will be showing 'A Short Film about War' as an installation for the first time alongside works by Phil Collins, Renzo Martens, Milica Tomic, Knowbotic Research, Harun Farocki, Sarah Vanagt, Joseph Delappe, Oliver Laric, Dunne & Raby, Harrell Fletcher and SWAMP.

We're also really excited that Animate Projects have commissioned Lisa LeFeuvre to write a contextual essay about, 'A Short Film about War', which is available on their website to read and download as a diffusion book alongside a streaming version of the work.

+ See a streaming version of, 'A Short Film about War here:

+ Read Lisa's essay here:

+ More information about MyWar exhibition:

Foundation for Art & Creative Technology (FACT), Liverpool
12 March - 30 May, 2010 (& Touring)


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